One week to leading…READY GO!

You’ve got the tools. You know the music. You have struggled with the flow and dynamics of the service and all this time has gotten you ready to lead without having to focus on the details…so what else is left? Find your last clarity.

Understanding your feelings and negotiating them while leading can be a tricky thing. What I mean by “finding your last clarity,” is that you need to take a few moments to understand what’s going on inside…deal with it…admit it…and then submit those feelings to God. Essentially you are letting go of your control over those feelings.

 It doesn’t mean that you have to be happy and cheery on stage when you are not feeling well. If you have a heavy heart from the week, then you are going to have to deal with it somehow. Ignoring it does not work and faking it…is never worth it.  So, how do you do this? A few tips I use below…just before I go on stage to lead worship in a church service.

Turn Around – When you step onto a stage and face people…they assume you are ready to go. Take a moment and turn your back to them as if to say…I am not quite ready yet. Follow the next four steps and once you turn around…step out ready and clear.

BPM – BPM or beats per minute…usually refers to the speed of a song. In this case…it refers to the beating of your heart. When you get excited or when you get nervous, your heart rate increases. Take a second and attempt to slow it down. Take some deep breaths and silently listen to what is happening inside your body.

Breathe – Close your eyes for a few seconds and just breathe easy. Take a couple deep slow breaths and wash away any nerves or anxiety that might cloud your mind.

Prayer – As I am taking a moment to slow my heart and breathe deep…I typically exhale a breath prayer to God. It’s usually about this moment truly being about experiencing His presence and not about me or my music.

Smile – Just before I turn around…I look up at each of the band members/vocalists and smile…reassuring them each that I am thankful for what they are about to do.

After I do these things…my mind and heart are clear and I am focused and ready for what is to come. I am ready. I turn around…step to the mic and get the party started.

I pray that God continues to use you and mold you into the person that He has uniquely crafted you to be. I pray that you continue to desire His presence in worship. I pray for your heart to be ready…and your skills to be refined.

This is the end of my one week series on one week to leading…and I hope you have found it helpful. It’s my greatest hope that through this process, you have been challenged to become a better leader. Thanks so much for your love and thoughts throughout the process. There’s more to come, this journey surely isn’t over yet.

Peace. Jesse.


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  1. soooooo….whats going on over here….nothing??

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