About Jesse

Hello there!

My name is Jesse Peterson….but I think you saw that already.

I live in Northern California and have a heart for the church and want to encourage, challenge it…and see it grow! I am a worship leader so most of the posts you see here will be about developing others ideas in reference to worship leading.

I love my wife, have a cat (who doesn’t love me) and have a passion for all things creative.

Feel free to contact me anytime through this blog if you have any questions or just want to say…Hi.

Keep it real.Jesse

jessejess & Jo2jess & Jo


3 responses to “About Jesse

  1. Looking forward to reading this more Bro’!
    One of my favorite lyrics~ “if we have not love, we are just a noise resounding…an empty sound.”
    Mom Peterson hit effective worship leading on the head….look into there eyes and show them love. Powerful bro’.

  2. Hey way to go on your thoughts!!! God has really given you a unique way of wrighting down words of encouragement to speak life into those who read them. Keep it up bro!!! God is using you!!!!

    • Thanks Jon! It’s been great getting to know you…I hope you continue to lead with passion and power…it infects peoples lives. Peace friend.

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