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I can’t think straight…I don’t have appropriate words to describe the feelings inside and this post is really just me talking it out…hope you enjoy.

Say all you want…it means nothing until it becomes your life. Trust and faith go hand in hand and no matter how many times I am reminded by scripture that God is faithful…until I place myself in a position where I rely on that faithfulness…my words are empty.indiana-jones

In the past few weeks, I have been challenged to bring actions to my words and as I stand at the precipice of a cliff…I know I must walk forward and trust that His faithfulness will carry me through. The future will now be defined by His grace and my trust in His promises.

This is the place I have desired most…but I am fearful that His promises will not fall on me. That I will be another casualty of the meager and self sustaining that lends itself to boredom and lack of challenge. I am reminded at times like these that this is where I need to be…in a place where only God can rescue me…

As a worship leader…as a leader…we can often find ourselves in positions where our own abilities, knowledge and experience can pull us through. It’s times where we are faced with uncertainty and chance that we must beg God to show up and lead us through a miracle. If we are in a self-sufficient state of life then God has no need to bring miraculous healing and power in our lives.

I understand this…but I am now going to be walking in this truth. I need God to show himself boldly in my life and bring about a change within that only He can bring. Life has a funny way of bringing us to this place and I pray that as scary as it is…I have the faith to walk in truth…claim the promises my Father has for me and live through His supernatural power and guidance.

May you truly know the power of God in your life. May you be taken to a place of desperate need. May you live the promise He has for you.

Blessings. Jesse.


Well…it’s about time…

I have been talking about making a blog again and here it is. I’d love your input, your creativity and your blogging knowledge here about what to add to this blog and how to manipulate the many toys that WordPress has to offer.

I will be using this blog as a way for others to read what is going on in my heart but also to discuss issues near and dear to my heart concerning young worship leaders…and young leaders in the church. I hope for this site to become a place where I can share some of my thoughts on these two subjects and for you to challenge, mold and shape me in my journey.

So, thanks for checking it out and thanks for tuning in!

Keep it real.